Festivals and Shows

2019 Festival


Held 16th and 17th Feb 2019  in the Auckland Botanic Gardens.  A very successful Festival, helped by the glorious weather.

Thanks  to Yates (NZ) for donating items for our raffle. There were four prizes all going to winners in the Auckland region.

Results and photos are below.

The competition results are as follows:

One Cut Bloom:

First: Julie Cornwall, Second: Julie Cornwall, Third: David Salter

Three Cut Blooms:

First: Julie Cornwall, Second: Mary Johnson, Third: David Salter

Novice – One Cut Bloom:

First: Noelene Murdoch, Second: Christine Miller, Third: Noelene Murdoch

One Flowering Pot:

First: Sid Miller, Second: Graeme Peake, Third: Graeme Peake

One Flowering Hanging Basket:

First: Sid Miller, Second: Sid Miller

One Potted Species:

First: Christine Miller, Second: Jenny Hunt

One Potted Gesneriad:

First: Peter Booth, Second: Peter Booth


Founders Trophy for Best Exhibit:  Sid Miller

Grawyn Trophy for Best Cut Bloom: Julie Cornwall

Daltons Trophy for Best Pot Plant: Sid Miller

Jose Smith Trophy for Best Species or non Begonia: Peter Booth

Club Trophy for People Choice: Ron Exelby

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to all participants.

Below is a selection of photos from the Show.

“Wedding Day” Winner People’s Choice 2019

First – Best Cut Bloom

Red Waterfall

Members’ Entries

Mary Johnson’s Display

Alan Baldick’s Display

Gael Dobbs, our great sales table lady

A group of members

A selection of show entries

Ian admiring Christine’s display of donated flowers.


2018 Festival

Held 17th and 18th Feb 2018  in the Auckland Botanic Gardens. A range of plants, begonia  and non-begonia, for sale.

Venue Changed to Logan Campbell Building and Edible Garden courtyard, look out for the direction signs from the main car-park.

2017 Annual Festival

Annual Festival was over the weekend 18th/19th February 2017 at Auckland Botanic Gardens, Hill Road, Manurewa.

The displays of begonia blooms and foliage was incredible. The public had a great chance to purchase some of these incredible plants and learn from experienced growers how to get the best from your plants. Demonstrations on how to take cuttings of leaf begonias drew a large crowd

The raffle, supported by Yates (NZ), was won by a visitor from Mt Wellington.

2014 Festival

February 2014 saw Auckland Begonia Circle hold a successful begonia festival in the Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens.

This coincided with the closing weekend of the Sculpture in the Gardens and attendance numbers were good.

The display of blooms drew the attention of all who entered the pavilion. (see photos below)

Alan Baldick with a display of his begonia blooms

Showcase of begonia blooms at Festival and Show.






The 2015 Festival was  held over the weekend of 21st and 22nd February 2015, at the Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens, Hill Road Manurewa. .

Auckland Begonia Circle Annual Festival, 21st/22nd Feb 2015.

Exhibitor Classes
Open Classes

Class 1: One cut bloom Standard, B tuberhybrida.


Westlawn Tango, Champion Bloom 2015

Class 2: One cut bloom Picoteé or Bi colour, B tuberhybrida.


Party Dress, Peoples Choice, 2015.

Class 3: Three cut blooms B tuberhybrida Standard or Picoteé.

Winning blooms;    Top:Westlawn Tango, Middle:Powder Puff, Bottom: Fiona Ramsey.


Class 9: One potted Gesneriad (i.e. Streptocarpus, African violet etc).

Feb 2015 show 006


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