Q/How do I know when to water my tuberous begonia?

A/ Depending on the type of pot.

  • Plastic pots: for established growing tuberous begonia, feel the potting mix. If it sticks to you finger there is enough moisture, if it feels dry and doesn’t stick to your fingers the pot needs watering.
  • Clay/terracotta pots, gently ‘tap’ the pot. If it sounds hollow it is time to water.

Whatever the pot type, the potting mix needs to be thoroughly wet each time the pot is watered. Water until it starts draining out the bottom.

Q/ Can I reuse potting mix the next season?

A/ There is much debate on this subject, however advice from our members is not to reuse potting mix.

  • If you do there is a significant chance of you losing your tubers to rot because the mix is no longer sterile. Spores will have overwintered in the old mix and when you put your tuber in the mix and start watering the spores will be activated, able to attack your tuber.
  • The mix will have been depleted of some nutrients/trace minerals while others have built up making the mix too acid for the delicate roots of tuberous begonias.


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