Auckland Begonia Circle

The subcommittee that was formed to plan and co-ordinate the Festival and Show for February 2015 did an amazing job! Anyone who turned up was welcomed and if they showed any interest at all in begonias there were members there on hand to give advice and even demonstrations on taking cuttings.

TheĀ  display of both flowering and foliage begonias, sourced from throughout the Auckland region was well worth the time and effort members put in if overheard comments and the large number of photos taken is any indication!

The next show is scheduled and the venue booked for 17th-18th Feb 2018, so keep an eye out here or contact us for updates. This is a FREE event with a chance to; view amazing blooms; learn how to grow begonias from growers; and purchase begonia plants, tuberous and leaf types.

Keep up to date with activities of Auckland Begonia Circle by joining, click on the Contact us button on our home page.


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